Crown Copyright but duly licensed. It might be better to save it to your hard disk first (Approx 495 kb) and print from there, on an A4 sheet it will reproduce at approx 1:25,000 scale (2 1/2 inches to the mile - ish) When printing ensure you have checked any box which makes it fit the paper as it is larger than A4 on file

Print the lower map only for driving. Print the upper map as a fishing map

Map of the stretch of the Kinnel above Templand which is part of our lease from Crown Estates. Season Permit holders of the Association (both beats) may fish it but it needs to be stressed it is a SMALL Stream. Because of that it is shared with anglers on the Annan Small Streams Passport scheme so please give way if it's occupied. After all you can fish it anytime.
This is a slightly larger scale 1:20.000 approx but the faint blue squares are still 1 kilometre across